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Picturesque Hill - 6 Days
Fasinting south - 5 Days
Hills of southern India - 5 Days
South India Pilgrimage Tour
      - 10 Days
South Indian Ecstasy - 6 Days
Magnificient Nilgiris - 4 Days
Splendors South India - 4 Days
Southern Surprise - 7 Days

South India Holiday Package Online - Fascinating South

Tour Details

 Durations : 4 Night / 5 Days
  • 2 Night Ooty
  • 1 Night Bangalore
  • 1 Night Mysore
Experience the beauty and grace of one of the best parts of South India with our wonderful new package. Begin your journey from Bangalore and then onto the culturally rich Mysore. Also visit the beautiful hill station of Ooty and take in the spectacular views and natural beauty. So pack our bags and book this package today!
 Tour Itinerary
Day 1:
On arrival in Bangalore, transfer to the hotel. Later, go for sightseeing tour and visit Bull Temple, Mysore Arts and Crafts Centre, Commercial Street, Vidhana Soudha and Lal Bagh. Stay overnight at the hotel.
Meals: N/A
Day 2:
Today, proceed to Mysore. On your way, visit Srirangapatana - the capital city of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. On arrival in Mysore, check-in at the hotel. In the evening, visit the beautiful Brindavan Gardens and later stay overnight at the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 3:
Today, proceed for an excursion tour and visit one of the best-preserved Hoysala Temples in Somnathpur. In the afternoon, enjoy the beauty and charm of the famous Mysore Palace. Take your journey forward into the picturesque blue Nilgiri hills and also visit the tea plantations on the way to Ooty. On arrival in Ooty, check-in at the hotel. Enjoy the day at leisure and stay overnight at the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 4:
This morning, enjoy a trip to the 'Queen of the Blue Mountains' and also visit the spectacular Dodabetta Peak. Later, drive to Coonoor and visit the Sims Park and 'Dolphin' Nose Point. Also visit the Botanical Garden and the famous Ooty Lake. Stay overnight at the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 5:
Transfer to the Coimbatore airport or Coimbatore railway station for your return journey.
Meals: Breakfast
 Package Price
Rs. 10,899/- *
USD 208.055/- *
EUR 158.425/- *
GBP 129.241/- *
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Century-old English architecture, a rich yet equally confusing Anglican tradition, gabled cottages set amidst mystifying blue hills, Ooty is perhaps the only hill station that has refused to keep fair-weather friends. So much so, at some point, it was called Snooty Ooty' even by the early Madras government, for its notorious snobbishness tells it from the rest of Tamil Nadu. Guarding its warbled British, Anglo-Indian, and native heritage while slowly giving in to commercialisation, Ooty or Ootacamund still manages to lure those in need of low-key rest and relaxation.
Walk the length of Commercial Road, spend a day strolling by the misty Ooty Lake, or gorge on some hot Bondas and a cup of Cardamom Tea from a tea stall. It is hard not to fall in love with its temperament. Calm, cool and collected are not just keywords here, but a way of life.

Soak in the beauty of the hills from the toy train (the Nilgiri Mountain Railway) as it chugs along the hillside just as it did hundreds of years ago, ever so often stopping for no rhyme or reason. Get a snapshot of the 20 million year old fossil tree stump at the Botanical Gardens where it is overshadowed by a thousand other rare plants. Sink into the crumbling, torn seat at the Assembly Rooms theatre and watch a movie that probably released years ago. Lick on a puffy pink swirl of cotton candy as you skim through second hand book stalls that still sell obsolete prints. Taste Anglo-Indian delights at the stately British Fern Hills Palace, the former summer retreat of the Mysore Maharaja and let the sounds of the piano gently lull you to sleep soon after.

Run across the untouched wilderness of Avalanche Reservoir, and try your hand at Trout fishing in the ramshackle Wilson Fish Farm nearby. Squint and swipe with your lucky hand at the 100 year old Ootacamund Golf Course or mumble a prayer at the century-old St. Stephen's Church as the last rays of sun illuminate the altar through beautifully glass-painted windows. Enjoy a late evening walk as the last strains of the choir waft in the breeze onto town. There is simply no denying that Ooty remains regal, ravishing and royal no matter when you visit. See for yourself

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is popularly known as the Garden City. It is also called the Silicon City due its flourishing IT industry, thus making it youthful and cosmopolitan. Dotted with lakes and numerous old historical buildings, Bangalore is a melting pot for the old and the new. Buzzing during the night, thanks to the endless number of pubs in the city, Bangalore has gained the title of party capital of the country for no reason. With year-round heavenly weather, beautiful buildings and gardens, lovely people and peaceful atmosphere, Bangalore will surely charm you!
The former capital of the state of Mysore, and the seat of the Wodeyar Kings, Mysore is Karnataka's Jewel, its cultural capital, a city resplendent with history - both colonial and royal. It is Karnataka's second largest city, and abounds in natural beauty and architectural beauty, with tree lined boulevards and historical buildings.

Mysore is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, so relaxed in fact that it is hard to believe that such a sleepy town could have been the heart of a kingdom. It is also hard to believe that this Overview of the city has yet to mention the Mysore Palace. Famous across India, the Mysore Palace is the picture of gilded opulence! Mysore is also famous for its manufacture of incense sticks, which come in many fragrances, as well as for its sandalwood. Mysore is a pleasant change from the stereotypical image of modernized cities. From the moment you set foot in Mysore, it begins to reveal delicious secrets which make it a must see.
 Package Inclusion
  • Accommodation in standard room
  • Transfer from railway station/airport to the hotel
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel
  • Air-conditioned car for 4 nights and 5 days
  • Intercity transfer and sightseeing as per the itinerary
 Terms and Conditions
  • Per person rates (Rs) - applicable on 2 persons staying together sharing the same room
  • Service tax extra as applicable
  • Transportation provided will be as per itinerary only (not at disposal)
  • The package does not include guide services where not mentioned; same can be availed at an additional cost
  • Entrance charges anywhere are not included
  • Package rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Meal plan: EP - Accommodation only, CP - Accommodation with breakfast, MAP - Accommodation with breakfast, lunch or dinner, AP
  • Accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • The package can not be combined with any other offer
  • Refund on cancellation strictly depends upon concerned hotel's cancellation policy
  • The above package is not valid during national holidays, festivals & long weekends
  • RIGHT TRAVELS (PVT ) Ltd reserves the right to change/modify or terminate the offer any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice
  • All prices quoted per person on twin sharing basis in Indian Rupees. Rates are applicable for a minimum of two (2) persons travelling at one time. Rates valid for Indian Nationals only
  • Rates subject to change without notice depending on currency fluctuation.
  • Rates are based on Standard category of rooms.
  • Rates not valid during conventions and special events.

Destination Information

South India is the area encompassing India's states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, occupying 19.31% of India's area. The region is also known as Dravida as is used in the National anthem. South India lies in the peninsular Deccan Plateau and is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east. The geography of the region is diverse, encompassing two mountain ranges, the Western and Eastern Ghats, and a plateau heartland. The Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri rivers are important non-perennial sources of water.
A majority of Indians from the southern region speak one of the Dravidian languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, and Kodava. During its history, a number of dynastic kingdoms ruled over parts of South India whose invasions across southern and southeastern Asia impacted the history and cultures of modern sovereign states such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
While South Indian states have improved in some socio-economic metrics, economic disparity, illiteracy and poverty continue to affect the region much like the rest of the country. Agriculture is the single largest contributor to the regional net domestic product, while Information technology is a rapidly growing industry. Literary and architectural styles, evolved over two thousand years, differ from other parts of the country.
South India ranks the highest in terms of social and economic development in areas such as fertility rate and infrastructure; the fertility rate of South India is 1.9, the lowest of all regions in India

South India boasts such a full and flavorsome diversity of landscapes, culture and history it leaves, most countries seeming bland and uninteresting by comparison. In the southeastern corner, the hot, dusty plains of Tamil Nadu are scattered with emerald green paddy fields and teeming with life.
This landscape, rich in history, is the centre of Tamil culture and full of temples with their towering, ornately ornamented gopurams or gateways.
From the east, the once thickly forested high slopes, in places long since cleared the tea, rubber or coffee, run down through a series o hill ranges to the narrow coastal strips of western India, with its fertile luxuriance of flora.
Across lowland Kerala the towering Coconut palms cover what seems to be one mammoth village, without beginning or end. From Kerala to Goa and beyond, a string of little ports still witness to the vibrant to the vibrant trade, which has linked southern India with the world to the west across the Arabian Sea. Arab traders have brought both their trade goods and their cultures to the west coast towns, while in Goa, countless white painted churches which were built in the heart of the old Portuguese Territories have given their wholly distinctive feature to another of South India’s cultural enclaves.
To get the best of your South India Tour, a ride by the exclusive Golden Chariot Train will be an out-an-out experience. It takes the tourists on a weeklong journey across the sensational countryside of South India.

South Indian culture refers to the culture of the South Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. South Indian culture though with its visible differences forms an important part of the Indian culture. The South Indian Culture is essentially the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the body and motherhood. It is exemplified through its dance, clothing, and sculptures.

The main spiritual traditions of South India include both Shaivite and Vaishnavite branches of Hinduism, although Buddhist and Jain philosophies had been influential several centuries earlier. Shravanabelagola in Karnataka is a popular pilgrimage center for Jains. Ayyavazhi is spread significantly across South India. Its followers are more densely populated in South Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Christianity has flourished in coastal South India from the times of St. Thomas the Apostle who came to Kerala in 52 AD and established the Syrian Christian tradition today called as Saint Thomas Christians or Nasranis. There is a large Muslim community in South India, particularly in the Malabar Coast, which can trace its roots to the ancient maritime trade between Kerala and Omanis and other Arabs. Kerala is also home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world who are supposed to have arrived in the Malabar Coast during the time of King Solomon. The oldest surviving Jewish synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations is the Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi, Kerala.

South India has always been a favorite destination for tourists. Its diversity in terms of landscapes, people and cultures, food habits, art and architecture makes it fascinating and a definite crowd puller. From the temples of Tamil Nadu to the backwaters of Kerala and caves of Deccan, south India always has something new and adventurous to offer. The states of south India reflect in itself the brightness and versatility of its culture. Therefore, the culture of south India is always a topic of great interest for all. Here we present you with 10 websites that will provide you with handy and relevant informations about the diversities of south Indian culture.

Tamil Nadu Climate:
The state of Tamil Nadu has a tropical climate, with little difference between the summer and winter temperature. April and May are the hottest months of the year. During the summers temperature shoots up to 40 degrees centigrade and above. Coastal regions too get hot and humid during these months. Nights, however, are cool and sea breeze that sets in during the afternoons bring the much-needed comfort to the people. Those areas that lie in the foothills of the ghats have equable temperature.To escape the heat of these region, one has the option of making a trip to the hill stations of the state. November is the month when the winter season sets in and continues till February. A pleasant climate can be experienced during these months. If you wish to pay a visit to the hill stations during this time, woollen clothing is a must. The minimum temperature records 20 degrees. However, in the hill stations the temperature falls down to a minimum of 5 degrees centigrade. October to December is the time of the monsoons.

Karnataka Climate:
Karnataka in southern India experience a better climate as compared to the other south Indian states. The climate of the state is typical tropical type. The central and northern parts of the state experience hot weather during the months of April and May. The temperature during these months records around 35 degrees centigrade. Winter falls in the month of November and continues till February. These months are not too cold and can provide chances of spending some good time in the region. June to September is the time of the rainy season that dominates the climate of the state. The western coast gets 1500 mm of rainfall during the months of June and July. September to May is ideal time to pay a visit to the cities of the state.

Kerala Climate:
The state of Kerala remains pleasant for most part of the year. It has a tropical climate too. April to June is the summer time, with the maximum temperature remaining around 33 degrees centigrade. The monsoon season begins in the month of June and continues till September. Not much difference is experienced though. Humidity, however, increases during the period and rainfalls can continue for a couple of days at a stretch. The month of October marks the onset of winter season. Temperature during this season remains around 20 degrees centigrade. September to February is the peak tourist season and during these months the weather remains pleasant.

Andhra Pradesh Climate:
The summer season extends from March to June. During these months, the maximum temperature in most parts of the state records around 28 degrees centigrade. The coastal plains, however, get too hot during the summer season with the temperature reaching a high of 42 degrees centigrade in some places. In the plateau region, summers are cooler though. October to February is the time of the winter season. The minimum temperature ranges between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade. Winters are colder in the plateau regions. Monsoons arrive in the month of July, continuing till September. The southwest monsoon winds bring a good amount of rainfall. Some of the places receive 1400 m of rainfall. The coastal areas get heavy rainfall. The plateau region gets lesser amount of rainfall though. June to February is the ideal time to plan a trip to the state.

South Indian languages comprise one of the five Dravidian languages of Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Tulu. Besides, these languages also serve as official languages for the concerning states and its governmental purposes. The approximated population of South India comes to a count of 233 million. The largest linguistic groups in South India encompass the Telugus, Tamils, Kannadigas, Malayalis, Tuluvas, Kodavas and Konkanis, which, quite manifestly mirrors the diversification and overlapping of language cultures and customs. According to the 2001 Census, Telugu possessed the third largest base of native speakers in India (74 million), after Hindi and Bengali. Telugu as such, was awarded the status of classical language in 2008. Tamil was granted the status of classical language by the Government of India in 2002 and had approximately 60 million native speakers. Kannada possessed 38 million, whereas Malayalam had 33 million native speakers respectively. Each of these south Indian languages is enlisted as an official language of India, as per the Official Languages Act (1963).

The cuisine of South India is known for its light, low calorie appetizing dishes. The traditional food of South India is mainly rice based. The cuisine is famous for its wonderful mixing of rice and lentils to prepare yummy lip smacking dosas, vadas, idlis and uttapams. South Indian dishes are not just delicious, but also very easily digestible. The best part is that South Indians do not use much of oil for cooking their meals.

Sambhar is like a must in the main course. It is usually a companion to most of the food items then be it idli, vada or dosa. Most of the South Indian dishes consist of sambhar, rasam, vegetable curry and pachadi (yogurt). When it comes to rice preparations, South Indians are real experts. Their lemon rice is savored and appreciated by almost all the people. Other preparations of rice include coconut rice, carrot rice and fried rice made by using coconut, curry leaves, urad dal, tamarind, peanuts, chilies, and fenugreek seeds.

South Indian chutneys are well liked by people. Infact, chutney, especially the one made from coconut, is the major attraction for many people to visit a restaurant that specializes in South Indian cuisine. The main ingredients for preparing varied chutneys are coconut, peanuts, dal, tamarind, fenugreek seeds, and cilantro. Dals cooked in the South Indian style are also quite different from that of North Indian preparation. They are soupier in comparison to the dals cooked in the North Indian style.

The cuisine of South India is hotter than the North Indian cuisine. South Indians do not make much use of garam Masala and other dried spices. However, turmeric, black pepper and cardamom are an exception. For the cuisine of South India, it can be said that it is a perfect blend of flavor, color and taste and also takes care of the nutritional balance. Even, the visual appeal of the South Indian dishes is quite alluring. South Indians usually prefer drinking coffee after having their meals. Well, coffee has become a popular beverage in the entire country. Coconut milk is also quite common in South India.

South Indian cuisine consists of the cuisine of four states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All the four cuisines have lot many things in common; however, they differ in terms of the spice content in their food preparations.

Andhra Food
Andhra food is the spiciest and the hottest of all the South Indian cuisines. There is a liberal use of oil, tamarind and chilli powder (Guntur). An interesting thing is that though Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, its cuisine is absolutely distinct from that of Andhra cuisine.

Popular Vegetarian Food: Pesarattu, gongura, pulihora, avakkai (cut raw mango) pickle

Popular Non-vegetarian Food: Kodi iguru(fry), Kodi pulusu(gravy), Chepa pulusu etc

Karnataka Food
In Karnataka, lunch is mostly served on a plantain leaf. There is a higher percentage of vegetarians in Karnataka; therefore, their cuisine mainly consists of vegetarian dishes. The food of Karnataka is the mildest of all. Here, the use of chilli powder is done sparingly. They make a liberal use of palm sugar or brown sugar. Udupi food forms part of the cuisine of Karnataka.

Popular dishes: Ragi rotti, Akki rotti, Khara Bisi bele bath, Kesari Bath, Vangi Bath, Saaru, Bath, Davanagere Benne Dosa, Ragi mudde, and Uppittu.

In South Karnataka, Rava Idli, Mysore Masala Dosa and Medhu Vada are extremely popular.

Among the sweet dishes, Karnataka is well known for its wonderful preparation of Mysore Pak, Dharwad pedha, Pheni, Chiroti.

Kerala Food
Kerala cuisine mainly consists of coconut based foodstuff. Since, Kerala is the chief exporter of coconut; therefore coconut is used liberally over here. Kerala is a place well known for its beautiful backwaters and thus, this place is a paradise for seafood lovers. There is an abundance of seafood specialties.

Popular Vegetarian Food: Aviyal, olan,

Popular Non-vegetarian Food: Shrimp coconut curry, fish poriyal

Tamil Food
The cuisine of Tamilnadu consists of plenty of mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Tamilnadu has a lot to offer, when it comes to food.

Popular Vegetarian Food: Idli, sambar, rasam, vada, thayir sadam (yogurt rice), thayir vadai, murukku, kootu, poriyal, uthappam, appalam and papadum and thayir pachadi

Popular Non-vegetarian Food: Chettinad pepper chicken and karuvadu kozhumu (dried preserved fish flavored curry)

Lately, India has emerged as an outstanding tourist destination, which registers a huge footfall every year. With its integral parts, this country represents an exclusive paradigm of unity in diversity. Every part is blessed with cultural, traditional and geographical diversities.
South India with its soothing beaches, rich wildlife, excellent monuments, serene landscapes, spirituality and a lot of adventurous activities offers a breathtaking experience to its visitors. The melange of spirituality, exotic landscapes, hustle-bustle of development, philosophy, multiple faiths, a vast array of gourmets, all with utmost fervor are really exciting.
Popular destinations of southern region are Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty, Chennai, Cochin, Alleppey, Madurai, Munnar, Thekkady and many more. Each place has a distinctive feature of its own.
The variety of tourist attractions in southern India is simply amazing. Whether you are passionate about wildlife, adventure, pilgrimage, culture, heritage or scenic beauty, there is a wide range for you to explore. The attractions that we have covered below are known worldwide and invite hordes of travelers from all across the globe.

Above details are prescribes as a pleasuring and attractive documents by our side. Hope we can able to make our customers satisfied through our online process and makes our customer feel happy with the journey of:THE SOUTH INDIA

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Cost and Dates

Package Price:
Rs. 10,899/- *
USD 208.055/- *
EUR 158.425/- *
GBP 129.241/- *
Validity:Valid From April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012)
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Hotel Details

Star Category:
City: Ooty
The hotel is located on West Lake Road in Ooty about 85 kilometers from Coimbatore airport and 2.5 kilometers from Ooty railway station. It is 2 kms away from the main market square. Spread across a vast tract of land near the lake, Hotel Lake View offers all modern conveniences required for a pleasant stay.

Rooms Amenities:
Private garden | Room service | Dining table | Study table | Television | Telephone | Living room | Fireplace | DVD player (on request) | Geyser | Bathroom toiletries.

The hotel's in house restaurant The Supper Club serves a choice of Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Hotel Facilities:
Outdoor activities | Guide service | Gift shop | Laundry | Doctor on call | Conference facilities | Restaurant | Parking facility | Childrens play area | Travel desk | Sightseeing

Not Available

Parking Facility:

12:00 PM

11:00 AM


Star Category:
City: Ooty
Deccan Park Resort rediscovers the beauty and charm of Ootacamund which is known as the queen of hill stations in India with the world renowned lake. With sightseeings like botanical garden, rose garden, Dodebetta peak at close proximity, the resort is an unmatched place to stay. Located at a distance of 100 kilometer from the nearest airport in Coimbatore and 4.5 kilometer from the railway/bus station in Ooty, Deccan Park Resort, Ooty is a perfect respite from the busy city life and an unforgettable staying experience.

Rooms Amenities:
Cable Television | Intercom | Direct Dial Telephone | Data Port | Mini Refrigerator | Sofa Unit | Study Table | Daily Newspaper | Electronic Safe | Room Heater | Shower Area | Bathroom | Hot/Cold Water and Bathroom Toiletries

Recreational Facilities:
Games Room | Yoga Classes | Meditation Centre | Health Club | Massage Centre | Activity Centre

Apple Valley has an indoor multi-cuisine restaurant that offers tasty and wholesome fare

Hotel Facilities:
Business Centre | Internet/ Cyber Cafe | Handicap Facility | Executive Lounge | | Coffee Shop | Taxi Services | Laundry and Travel Desk



12:00 P.M.

12:00 P.M.


Star Category:
City: Bangalore
The Chancery is centrally located on Lavelle Road off M.G. Road opposite Cubbon Park. It is 5 kms from the railway station, 1 km from the City Palace and walking distance from M.G. Road. The new Bengaluru International Airport is approximately 52 kms away.

About five years old, The Chancery, one of Bangalore's finest business hotels houses on its five floors, 120 rooms that include Super Standard rooms, Esquire Club rooms, Premium Club rooms and Suites.

Rooms :
All rooms have an electronic key access, piped music, a television, tea/coffee maker, snack basket, complimentary mineral water and a chargeable Wi-Fi connectivity facility.

The Esquire Club rooms have either carpeted or wooden flooring with twin beds. There is also a minibar, fax machine, magazine rack and an electronic safe for guests to use. The bathrooms are equipped with a bathtub, hair dryer, guest slippers, a wall mounted phone and a basket of herbal toiletries. The Standard rooms are similar to the Esquire Club rooms but without a fax machine, minibar and electronic safe.

The Suites with modern interiors comprise a living room and bedroom. The living room has a seating area, a dining table for four, a study table and a wall console with a plasma television, fruit basket and well stocked minibar. The bedroom has a large king size bed, a small dressing table with a full length mirror, guest chairs and a wall mounted television. The bathroom is like those in the Esquire Club and Standard rooms. An additional guest facility provided to Suite occupants is a complimentary one way airport transfer along with access to a library in the lounge area.

Other guest facilities at The Chancery include three banquet halls, one board room and one fully equipped business centre along with 24-hour checkout, doctor on call, fitness centre and travel desk.

Guests can enjoy their meals at the 24-hour coffee shop, South Parade off of the lobby area. The restaurant with its cosy green and brown interior offers four buffets a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and one at midnight called Midnight Masala; the latter being the only hotel in Bangalore to do so. Adjacent to South Parade is The Lounge in the atrium, a perfect venue for a drink with business associates or friends. For a north Indian flavour, Khayal specialises in tandoori food and is famous for authentic 'Balti' dishes.

Don't Miss:
The Midnight Masala buffet at South Parade, the 24 hour coffee shop. It?s worth staying up late for!


Star Category:
City: Mysore
This 4 star hotel was started in 1985 and is a 6 storied structure that stands in a by lane in Mysore. It is an ever present structure which holds a demanding view of Mysore from the top floors.

Rooms :
The hotel has a total of a whopping 105 rooms that are divided into 54 Superior rooms, 28 Premier rooms, 14 Junior Suite rooms, 8 Premier Suite rooms and 1 Presidential Suite. The facilities common to all the rooms are cable television, air conditioning, 24 hour room service, minibar, 24 hours hot & cold running water, tea/coffee maker, complimentary fruit platter and cookies, wireless internet connection at an extra charge and in the washrooms there are hairdryers, magnifying mirrors and luxurious toiletries. Only the Premier rooms enjoy the benefit of an electronic safe and the Premier rooms as well as Deluxe rooms have bathrobes and slippers provided. The rooms from the 1st to the 4th floor have bathtubs while the last 2 floors have shower spaces. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable spaces with contemporary furniture, cushioned head boards, study tables and luggage racks. The Suites are much larger with separate spaces for the living room, dining table and bedroom.

Services & Facilities:
Added services and facilities offered within Hotel Regaalis are in house laundry, iron and ironing board on request, swimming pool which is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and enjoys alcohol and snacks served at the poolside, beauty parlour which is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and also includes ayurvedic massages with lady and gent masseurs, a shopping arcade which is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and offers shawls, artifacts, silks and the works, business centre, secretarial services, doctor on call, tours and travel desk and indoor games.

The dining facilities include La Gardenia which is a 24 hours multi cuisine restaurant and is open for a buffet breakfast (6:30 am to 10:00 am), buffet lunch (12:30 pm to 3:00 pm) and dinner (7:30 pm to 11:30 pm). This is one smart and stylish space with contemporary settings and furniture with coloured hues and a lot of black and whites. bchaarcoals b is the Indian Tandoori specialty restaurant by the poolside which is open only for dinner from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. The Lobby Bar, as speaks is connected to the lobby and is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. It serves snacks and an assortment of the choicest alcoholic beverages. Finally, there is the Pastry Shop which offers some of the best pastries in town and you could even enjoy these in the comfort of your room.

Banquets & Conferences:
The business facilities offered in the hotel are Darbar Hall which can accommodate a maximum of 250p people. There is Jyothi Hall which can also accommodate 250 people. The Board Room can accommodate a maximum of 30 persons while the Palmspring Lawn which is beside the pool can accommodate more than 1,000 persons.

With these comprehensive lists of facilities, Hotel Regaalis is a good option to avail with your family or friends or even on business trips to the city.

Hotel Regaalis? interior has the feel of a 5 star hotel with white marble flooring and pillars and wood paneling on the walls. On the left of the entrance are four separate seating spaces divided by four pillars, patterned silk upholstered sofas, benches with striped patterns on them and polished wooden centre tables. Elongated long wooden tables with smart lamps atop them divide these seating spaces. Illuminated panels on the ceiling light up the area. Lovely large plants in large pots line the entire area adding to the charm of the room. The reception is further down the lobby and stands pretty in white marble from top to bottom. It seems to merge with the flooring.

Hotel Regaalis is located half a kilometre from the bus and railway station and 2 kilometers from the Mysore Palace. It is located 160 kilometres from the nearest airport which is in Bangalore.


Star Category:
City: Mysore
This 4 star hotel was started in 1985 and is a 6 storied structure that stands in a by lane in Mysore. It is an ever present structure which holds a demanding view of Mysore from the top floors.

Rooms :
Crystal Park Inn offers 30 well-furinshed rooms in 4 categories i.e. Comfort Rooms, Park View Rooms, Queen Suite and King Suite to the guests equipped with modern amenities like satellite (plasma) television, telephone, mini bar, tea/ coffee maker, hair dryer, Wi-Fi internet, DVD player, mineral water, music system, balcony sit-out and 24 hours room service. The attached washrooms have hot and cold water facility to its guests.

Crystal Park Inn ensures that the guests' stay is memorable and provides the following facilities: conference hall, taxi service, safe deposit box, doctor on call, travel desk, facilities for the physically challenged, laundry service and guide service. The hotel is blessed with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens where guests can take a walk or chill in the mornings and evenings. The hotel accepts all major credit cards..

Crystal Park Inn has an in-house multi cuisine restaurant offering a range of Indian cuisines. A must try here are the local delicacies of Mysore. The hotel also has a barbeque and a pool side restaurant as well. The Blue Bar at the hotel offers the best of international wines and spirits.

Banquets & Conferences:
The banquet hall at the hotel can accommodate a total of 70 persons in a theatre style arrangement.

Crystal Park Inn is located on Theobald Road in the historic city of Mysore. The nearest airport is in Bangalore about 150 kilometres away, while the nearest railway station and bus stand are a kilometre and 500 metres away respectively. Hotel Crystal Park Inn is a beautiful 3 star hotel offering comfortable accommodation with state of art facilities to its guests.


Star Category:
City: Bangalore

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