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Tour Details

 Durations : 5 Night / 6 Days
  • 1 Night Madurai
  • 1 Night Thiruvannamalai
  • 1 Night Tiruchirapally
  • 1 Night Tirupati
  • 1 Night Kumbakonam
The myriad roads of South India lead to some of the finest destinations and temples in India. Enjoy the sleepy beauty of Thiruvannamalai which is abode to the Arunachaleshwar Temple (one of the biggest and grand temples in South India) dedicated to Lord Shiva. This package takes you to the quaint city of Madurai where you can visit the Sri Balaji Temple and marvel in its beauty. You can connect with your spiritual self in Kumbakonam and Tiruchirapally. This South Indian tour could be one of your most spiritually enhancing tour, don't let it go.
 Tour Itinerary
Day 1:
On arrival at Chennai airport/railway station, meet our representative and drive to Tirupati. On arrival in Tirupati, check-in to the hotel and later go for a visit to Sri Balaji Temple. Return back to the hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 2:
After breakfast, check out of the hotel and drive to Thiruvanamalai. On arrival, check into the hotel. After some rest, go for a visit to the Arunachaleshwar Temple (one of the biggest and grandest temples in South India) which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Return to the hotel by evening for a comfortable overnight stay.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 3:
After breakfast, check out of the hotel and drive to Kumbakonam. Enroute, you can visit Chidambram where Nataraja Temple is situated. On arrival in Kumbakonam, check into the hotel. Later, visit the Aadhi Kumbeswarar Temple, Nageswara Temple, Sarangabani Temple, and Rama Swamy Temple. Return back to the hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 4:
After an early breakfast, check out of the hotel and drive to Trichy. Enroute, you can visit Tanjore which is also known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. Visit Brahadeeswarar Temple, Saraswathi Mahal Library, Palace & Art Gallery. On arrival in Trichy, check into the hotel and after some time visit the Rock fort Hillrock, Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswarar, and Akilandeswari Temple. Return back to the hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 5:
After an early breakfast, proceed to Palani Hills dedicated to Lord Muruga. Later, proceed to Madurai which is one of the oldest cities of South India and is located at the bank of river Vaigai. On arrival in Madurai, check into the hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.
Day 6:
After breakfast, visit Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thirumalai Nayak Palace, Gandhi Museum, and Pazhamuthir Cholai Murugan temple. Later, check out of the hotel and take a transfer to railway station/airport.
Meals: Breakfast
 Package Price
Rs. 18,399/- *
USD 357.291/- *
EUR 272.313/- *
GBP 224.286/- *
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South India's most popular temple town, Madurai is synonymous with the Meenakshi Temple. Seeped in heritage which is almost 2500 years old, Madurai boasts of having been an important cultural and commercial centre of the Pandya kings. Designed in the shape of a lotus, it is said that Lord Shiva blessed the land and its inhabitants and poured 'madhu' (nectar) from the locks of his matted hair.

Don't Miss:
Besides the Meenakshi Temple, don't miss Koodal Alagar Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the Thirumalai Nayak Mahal, an architectural splendour. The Gandhi Museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi houses the personal memorabilia of the Mahatma, along with a picture gallery, a library and an exhibition of South India handicrafts and village industries.

It is said that there are 275 sacred sites for temples for Lord Shiva. And in each of these temples, he was praised by Thirumurai Thalangals or hymns. Of the 275 sites, 22 are said to be in Tamil Nadu, of which the most important is said to be in Thiruvanamalai.

Don't Miss:
Thiruvanamalai has a lot to offer. The Sathanur Dam, about 30 km away is interspersed with beautiful lawns and parks and is a good picnic spot. The Gingee Fort about 37-km east of Thiruvannamalai is famous for a fort complex built by the Chola Dynasty. Melmalayanur houses the temple of Angila Parameswari, wherein, a snake pit in the inner sanctum is worshipped.

Tiruchirapalli also called Trichy or Tiruchi is an ancient town situated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Set on the banks of Cauvery (Kaveri) River, Tiruchirapally serves as a major commercial, industrial, educational and religious centre of Tamil Nadu. One of the biggest cities of Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirapalli is renowned for its rich historic past and fine collection of temples. Fondly called the temple city, Tiruchirapalli is home to many old temples that are quite popular for unique architectural styles and religious significances.

While Rock Fort Temple dominates over the city, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is renowned for encompassing the impressive feat of world's largest temple complex. Being a famous tourist destination of South India, Tiruchirapalli also offers excellent shopping and eating opportunities. Explore the markets of the town to buy artificial diamonds, jewellery, sarees, handloom clothes, grass bangles, toys and other interesting objects as a souvenir. And also savour some exotic cuisines especially South Indian dishes that you might not have tried earlier.

One of the prominent pilgrimage destinations in South India is Tirupati, which draws lakhs of visitors every year. The presiding deity here is Sri Venkateshwara and the chief points of pilgrimage are Sri Venkateshwara's Temple on Tirumala Hill, the shrine of Govindaraja in Tirupati town and the shrine of Padmavati in Tiruchanur, about 3 miles south of Tirupathi.

Don't Miss
Other temples in and around the region include Kapileshwara Temple at Kapilatirtham, the Rama Temple in the town of Tirupati and the Parasareshvara Temple at Jogiallavaram, in Tiruchanur. Another important temple is the Govindarajaswami Temple in Tirupati.

Kumbakonam is the temple city of South India situated in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The city is famous for the Mahamaham festival that is celebrated once in 12 years in the Mahamaham tank located in the heart of it. The town has also been well - known for its prestigious educational institutions which have turned out eminent stalwarts in diverse spheres. The town is famous for brass vessels. It is primarily a market town for the predominantly agriculture based villages surrounding it. Betel leaves are cultivated more in Kumbakonam since it is also called as Kumbakonam Vettrilai (in Tamil).

 Package Inclusion
  • Accommodation in Standard Room
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel
  • Transfer from railway station/airport to the hotel
  • Air-conditioned car for 5 nights and 6 days
  • City-to-city transfer and sightseeing as per the itinerary
 Terms and Conditions
  • Per person rates (in Rs) - applicable on 2 persons staying together sharing the same room
  • Service Tax extra (as applicable)
  • Transportation as per itinerary only (not available at disposal)
  • The package does not include guide services. These can be availed at an additional cost
  • Package rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Meal plan: Breakfast
  • The package cannot be combined with any other offer
  • The above package is not valid during national holidays, festivals, long weekends and New Year
  • Right Travels Inc,,, India (Pvt) Ltd reserves the right to change/modify or terminate the offer any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice
  • All prices quoted per person on twin sharing basis in Indian Rupees. Rates are applicable for a minimum of two (2) persons travelling at one time. Rates valid for Indian Nationals only
  • Rates subject to change without notice depending on currency fluctuation.
  • Rates are based on Standard category of rooms.
  • Rates not valid during conventions and special events.

Destination Information

TAMIL NADU is one of the 28 states of India. Its capital and largest city is Chennai. Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula and is bordered by the union territory of Puducherry, and the states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The Eastern Ghats in the north, the Nilgiri, the Anamalai Hills, and Palakkad bind it on the west, by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait in the south east, and by the Indian Ocean in the south.

Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. It is the fourth largest contributor (as of 2010) to India's GDP and ranks tenth in Human Development Index as of 2006. Tamil Nadu is also the most urbanized state in India. The state has the highest number (10.56%) of business enterprises and stands second in total employment (9.97%) in India, compared to the population share of about 6%.

Tamil Nadu has 10 City Corporations: Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli, Salem, Tirunelveli, Erode, Tirupur, Vellore and Thoothukudi. There is a plan to upgrade Nagercoil and Thanjavur as City Corporations. The Corporation of Chennai, established in 1688, is the oldest Municipal Corporation not only in India but also in any commonwealth nations outside United Kingdom.

The main religions in Tamilnadu are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism. Hinduism, along with its various sects, is the oldest religion in the state. Hindus are followers of number of sectarian monastic institutions (called mathas). The most important Math of the state is the Shankara Math at Kumbakonam. The Hindus number most and are scattered in almost all parts of the state. In Tamilnadu, there is an established caste system, which is more pronounced than many other parts of the country. Like most parts of India, the Brahmin community in Tamilnadu is very pious. Besides Hinduism, other important religions that are practiced in the state are Christianity, Islam and Jainism. The history of Christianity and Islam is also very old in Tamil Nadu. The largest concentration of Christians is in Tirunelveli and Kanniyakumari districts of the state. The followers of Jain religion are confined to North and South Arcot and Chennai city.

Tamil Nadu is at the heart of the Dravidian culture and tradition. The culture of Tamil Nadu had been developed and evolved over 2000 years, and it is still flourishing. The three great dynasties of Pandya, Pallavas and Cholas who ruled Tamil Nadu in the ancient India, played their major roles in developing this vibrant cultural tradition. During their reign, Tamil Nadu witnessed great strides in art, literature and architecture.
It also has a long tradition of venerable culture. Tamil Nadu is known for its rich tradition of literature, music and dance, which continue to flourish today. Unique cultural features like Bharatanatyam (dance), Tanjore painting, and Tamil architecture were developed and continue to be practiced in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, the spirit of festivity grips the state of affairs now and then. Tamils take classical music seriously, and they have a singular festival of Carnatic music, which is known as the Thyagaraja Festival. It is being held annually in the month of January, at the town of Thiruvariyar, which happens to be the birthplace of the famous singer and poet Thyagaraja. Besides of course, Dusshera, Diwali, Holi and Pongal are celebrated in the state, with lots of gaiety and grandeur.

Tamil Nadu is heavily dependent on monsoon rains, and thereby is prone to droughts when the monsoons fail. The climate of the state ranges from dry sub-humid to semi-arid. The state has three distinct periods of rainfall:

  • Advancing monsoon period, South West monsoon from June to September, with strong southwest winds
  • North East monsoon from October to December, with dominant northeast winds
  • Dry season from January to May.
The normal annual rainfall of the state is about 945 mm (37.2 in) of which 48% is through the North East monsoon, and 32% through the South West monsoon. Since the state is entirely dependent on rains for recharging its water resources, monsoon failures lead to acute water scarcity and severe drought.
Tamil Nadu is classified into seven agro-climatic zones: northeast, northwest, west, southern, high rainfall, high altitude hilly, and Cauvery Delta (the most fertile agricultural zone). The table below shows the maximum and minimum temperatures that the state experiences in the plains and hills.
Summer temperatures soars in the months between April-June and it may record up till 40 o C, and the high humidity percentage in the coastal areas adds more to the discomfort. But the unique aspect is that afternoon sea breezes bring relief and nights are mostly cooler than the day. This is the time to explore the hill stations of Tamil Nadu.
November –February are the months when Tamil Nadu experiences winter but temperature doesn't drop much and it's mostly around 20 o C.

Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu state and one of the 18 languages mentioned in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. Tamil is one of the classical languages of the world, with a rich heritage of literature. It is the most widely spoken language in Tamil Nadu. Besides Tamil Nadu, Tamil is also spoken by a number of people in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius and Malaysia. The antiquity of Tamil is comparable to Sanskrit. Tamil is written in a derivative of the southern 'Brahmi' script. The alphabet of Tamil is unique (phonetic). That is, in Tamil language letters represent sounds, rather than ideas, as is the case in the 'Mandarin' language of China.

Tamil is spoken by most of the people while around ten percent of the people residing in Tamil Nadu speak Telugu. Other languages that are popular in the state are Kannada, Urdu and Malayalam (though they are spoken by much smaller percentage). The influence of the Malayalam language is more prominent in the west while people residing mostly in the North Eastern part, bordering Karnataka, speak Kannada. Besides the above-mentioned languages, English is also spoken as a subsidiary language in Tamil Nadu.

Like all other South Indian states, Tamil Nadu is also known for a wide variety of delicious food both for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians. Grains, lentils, rice and vegetables are the main ingredients of the traditional foods of Tamil Nadu. Spices add flavor and give a distinctive taste to the Tamil cuisines. Some of the most common and popular dishes of the region are idly, dosai, vada, pongal and Uppuma. Coconut chutney and sambhar invariably form a part of most of the Tamil dishes.
The typical Tamil breakfast includes dosai, which is a pancake made from a batter of rice, idly (steamed rice cakes) and lentils (crisp fried on a pan), vada (deep fried doughnuts prepared from a batter of lentils), pongal (a mash of rice and lentils boiled together and seasoned with cashew nuts, ghee, pepper and cummin seed), uppuma (cooked semolina seasoned in oil with mustard, pepper, cummin seed and dry lentils). These are the main local dishes but there are several variations that are eaten with coconut chutney and mulaga podi.

For lunch and the main course, the food consists of boiled rice, which is served with an assortment of vegetable dishes, sambar, chutneys, rasam (a hot broth prepared from tamarind juice and pepper) and curd. On the other hand, the non-vegetarian lunch and dinner include curries and dishes cooked with chicken, mutton or fish. Crispy Papad/Papar and appalam form an important part of a typical Tamil meal.

Breakfast and snack items include dosai, Adai, idly, vadai, pongal, appam (aappam), paniyaram, puttu, uppumavu (uppuma), santhakai (a sort of noodles), idiyappam and uthappam. These items are eaten along with sambar, varieties of chatni and podi.

Filter coffee is a famous and popular beverage of the people of Tamil Nadu in general and Chennai in particular.

Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India, is one of the major tourist destinations of India. Famous for its fascinating cultural heritage, wonderful temples and colonial structures, enchanting beaches and hill stations, and the last but not least for its amazing wildlife, Tamil Nadu is the land of varied beauty and a wonderful tourists destination to be in. Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Tamil Nadu every year and are rewarded with a fascinating holiday experience.
Tamil Nadu is not all about temples, but the state has much more to offer to its visitors. The state has some of the finest beaches of India, including the Marina Beach- the second longest beach in the world, Elliot's Beach, the Covelong Beach and Kanyakumari Beach, all of them offering perfect ambience and facilities for a range of leisure and recreational activities, including sunbathing, paragliding, surfing, swimming, parasailing etc. The hill stations Tamil Nadu are equally charming as are its beaches. Kodaikanal, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Yelagiri, Yercuad, and Udagamandalam boast some of the stunning landscapes in India. Kanyakumari, the southern most tip of India, is famous for its enchanting sunrise, has some of the picture perfect natural sceneries. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer you. It has some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries of India like Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is world-famous for its elephant populations, which can be seen moving in large herds, sometimes numbering into hundreds. Tigers, the king of jungles, can also be spotted in the parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu. The state also has a number of important eco-tourism destinations of India, including the famous Pitchavaram Mangrove Forests in Chidambaram
With so much of varieties to offer to its visitors, Tamil Nadu is a perfect tourist destination, waiting to be discovered by you. India At Its Best welcomes you to discover the fascinating Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Visit Tamil Nadu and discover its fascinating cultural heritage, wonderful temples and monuments, enchanting natural landscapes and amazing wildlife, which would indeed be a lifetime experience for you.

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Cost and Dates

Package Type: Price Per Person on Twin Sharing
Rs. 18,399/- *
USD 357.291/- *
EUR 272.313/- *
GBP 224.286/- *
Validity: Valid From April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
(For location please contact OR Send Query)

Hotel Details

Star Category:
City: Thiruvannamalai
With the holy hill as its backdrop and a period village set up, Hotel Sparsa offers a range of contemporary facilities along with traditional South Indian hospitality. Located in the heart of Thiruvannamalai, Hotel Sparsa enjoys proximity to the Ramanamaharashi Ashram and Arunacheleswara Temple. It is 100 kms away from Pondicherry, 120 kms away from Mahabalipuram, 180 km from Chennai (nearest airport) and 200 kms away from Bangalore.

Services & Facilities:
Car parking area | Car wash facilities | Doctor on call | Travel assistance | Currency exchange counter | Guide service (at an extra cost) | Souvenir shop | Laundry service | Rest room for drivers

Recreational facilities:
Spa & rejuvenation centre | Children's play area | Flower shop | Indoor games facility | Swimming pool | Spa | Meditation centre | Amphitheatre | State of the art gymnasium | Cultural programs organised

Room Amenities:
28 well furnished rooms | Cable television | Tea/coffee maker | Fruit basket | Room service | Wi-Fi | Internet connectivity (Chargeable)| Attached washrooms | Hot &cold water

Restaurant : Sathvam is a vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant that serves a range of delicacies

Star Category:
City: Tirupati
Hotel Bliss is a 3-star business hotel that is equipped to offer all modern conveniences to business travellers as well as leisure travellers. At Hotel Bliss you experience India's true tradition in its most modern ways. For more than 10 years guests have turned to Hotel Bliss for quality service, distinctive cuisine and all round excellence.

Hotel Facilities :
Internet Facilities (Broad Band) | 24 Hours Hot Water | Safe deposit Lockers | Travel Assistance | Business Centre | Cable T.V. with 60 Channels | Ample Space for Car parking | STD/ISD Facilities | Well Stocked Bar | 24 Hours Room Service | Shopping Arcade | Darshan Assistance | In-house Laundry | Doctor on call | Children's Park | Wheel Chair | Facsimile | Swimming Pool

Room Amenities :
24 hours room service | 125 well furnished rooms | Air conditioning |Television | Internet (Surcharge) | Direct dialling for STD/ISD | Satellite television | Internet | Electronic locker | Internet facility | Attached washroom| 24 hours hot & cold running water |Laundry

Restaurant : Navrattan is an authentic pure vegetarian restaurant with the classy ambiance of a lounge in an Indian flavour.
Restaurant : Khazana is the hotel's multi cuisine restaurant and quite a favourite amongst the locals here.
Bars : The Madhuvan (family Bar) and Surya (economy Bar) offer an array of international cocktails, mocktails and exotic long drinks all served in hand made glasses paired with a delicious light fare.


Parking Facility:

Check-In Time:
12:00 PM

Check-Out Time:
12:00 PM

Star Category:
City: Kumbakonam
Anandham Swamimalai is situated in a sprawling 100 year old property that offers visitors a unique ethnic and cultural experience. The 28 air-conditioned rooms at Anandham Swamimalai are comfortable and spacious, complete with modern amenities. Anandham Swamimalai is located in Agraharam in Kumbakonam, and is just 4 kms away from the Kumbakonam railway station.

Hotel Facilities:
Air-Conditioned Banquet Halls | Lawns/Gardens | Handicap Facilities | Laundry Services | Travel Desk | Taxi Services | Guide Service | Doctor on Call | Room Service

Recreational Facilities:
Ayurvedic Centre | An In-House Museum (The Steve Borgia Indian Heritage Museum) | Sightseeing | Outdoor Activities | Swimming Pool | Yoga Classes

Room Amenities:
Cable Television | Telephone | Mineral Water | Fruit Basket | Balcony/Sit Out | Attached Washroom with Hot/Cold Water

Multicuisine Restaurant | Bar

Star Category:
City: Tiruchirapally
Breeze Residency is located on Mc Donald's Road in Tiruchirapally or Trichy. It is approximately 7 km from the Trichy Airport, and less than a kilometre from the railway station. Breeze Residency is a 3-star property that offers visitors to Tiruchirapally comfortable accommodation, as well as a variety of efficient services and modern facilities, all at reasonable prices.

Hotel Facilities:
Room service | Conference hall | Business centre | Taxi services | Travel desk | Laundry services | Gymnasium | Doctor on call |Guide services | Disabled friendly

Recreation Facilities:
Swimming Pool | Gymnasium

Room Amenities:
Cable television | Telephone | Internet | Attached bathroom | Modern fittings | Hot & cold water supply

Dining and Facilities:
Restaurant | Coffee Shop | Bar

Star Category:
City: Madurai
A budget property offering all modern facilities at an affordable price, The Madurai Residency is ideal for business travellers as well as tourists. Located in the heart of town, The Madurai Residency lies 12 kilometres away from the Madurai Airport. It enjoys proximity to the railway station, Meenakshi Amman Temple, Periyar Bus Stand and the Madurai Bazaar.

Hotel Facilities:
Room Service (24 Hours) | Safe Deposit Box-Front Desk | Laundry Facilities | Internet Access (surcharged) | Restaurant | Medical Services | Complimentary Breakfast | Currency Exchange | Elevator/lift | Backup Generator | Airport Transportation(surcharge) | Business Center | Fitness Equipment | Parking (secure)

Room Amenities:
74 rooms |Cable television | Direct dial telephone | Attached washroom | Hot & cold water | Central Air Conditioning | Desk | Reading Lamps | Moisturiser | Conditioner | Shower Caps | Television-Room


Parking Facility:

Check-In Time:
12:00 PM

Check-Out Time:
12:00 PM

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